The 10 Best Romantic Restaurants in Taipei

Chinese mainlanders started settling in Taiwan dating back to the 17th century, and the Japanese colonization of the island ended in Due to its historical mixture of influences, Taiwan has its own distinct culture. Not many people know just how amazing the country is, which makes it one of the most underrated destinations in Asia. Here are 23 reasons why you should visit Taiwan immediately. Let’s start with the food. Taiwanese people love to eat. The dishes people miss the most when they leave include beef noodle soup, soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung, and the uniquely Taiwanese oyster omelets. If you’ve never had Taiwanese breakfast, you’re missing out. Fuhang Doujiang in Taipei has a line out the door every morning and the wait for soy milk, egg crepes, and fried dough sticks is worth it.

The Best Cafes in Taipei

Taizhilian Spa is situated on Minquan East Road between a bedding shop and another store selling appliances. The Xingtian Temple MRT Station is within walking distance and most taxis can also find their way there when provided with the address. The shop has a blue front with items from a beach scene like palm trees scattered on it. Immediately upon entering customers find a front counter and a small couch.

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My eyes lit up immediately as the blazing sun reflected the beautiful shimmers of the Golden Waterfall. Though the gold and copper mines are no longer operational, the rain that seeped into these mines amalgamates with the metal deposits. The chemical reactions result in this stunning coppery Golden Waterfall. All the water from the waterfall has to go somewhere. The Yin Yang Sea. Take bus from Keelung or Bus from Ruifang. Both buses stop exactly in front of the falls. The physical phenomenon of this sea can be translated literally from its name – the intense contrast between the golden yellow water at the bay and the sparkling blue water from the endless sea.

Although many believe that the contrast is a result from the mining of gold from the factories aforementioned, it is actually a natural runoff from a geological feature nearby that contains large amount of iron pyrite. Yes, those are the different illusions you can get from a single mountain, KeeLung. The view from the foot of the mountain is picturesque but if you want a breath-taking view, take a 45 minutes hike to the top.

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If you come before 11pm, you will get a TWD discount. They have other promos for students and foreigners so bring your ID and student cards. Ladies night on Wednesday. Nightclubs close fast in Taipei. Here are a few I wrote about that have closed down since: The crowd is a mix of rich Taiwanese and expats, with plenty of sexy and open-minded girls.

“The Dark Side of Taiwan?” Hilarious. You’re damn right there is, but it isn’t this crap. “The food?” You couldn’t be more fresh off the boat if you tried, Mr.’ I’m so different from them,’ Asian America. Taiwan isn’t boring, you are. Taipei is delicious hot electric and no one talks about the food.

Free but donations are highly encouraged Open Hours: Take Exit 2 and walk towards Kulun Street. Turn right at the Dalong Street intersection and head straight until you see the Taipei Confucius Temple. This Buddhist Temple in honor for Guanyin was constructed by the immigrants from Fujian province sometime in Free but donations are highly encouraged How to get to Longshan Temple: Take Exit 1 where you can find Longshan Temple north of the station plaza.

This shopping haven was established during the Japanese colonial period as recreation area.

Queer Girl City Guide: Taipei, Taiwan

Work Inn Even if you stay further from the city center, you have an efficient MRT system that can take you in the clubbing area quickly. Quick Tips on Taipei Nightlife Smoking At the time of writing, it is allowed for people to smoke inside clubs. I noticed tons of girls are smoking in Taipei, which is uncommon in Asia. Dress code Even though some clubs allow it, don’t wear shorts and sandals. You will be immediately branded as a tourist.

Jul 28,  · Best Answer: In Tamshuei, a nice place to visit is the “Red-Hair’s castle” and to sit outside at the top of the castle in the teahouse there and sip drinks and watch the sun set and to watch the boats with all their flashy lights driving around the harbour. The drinks are a little expensive, but drinks are Status: Resolved.

Freak thunderstorms also occur relatively often during the summer, so an umbrella should be brought or bought after arrival just in case. There is some risk of typhoons in their July-September season, but they are not common. Snowfall is rare, but transportation networks can sometimes be disrupted in the event of a sudden snowstorm. Despite the fact that winter temperatures in Shanghai are not particularly low, the wind chill factor combined with the high humidity can actually make it feel less comfortable than some much colder places which experience frequent snowfalls.

In between, spring can feature lengthy periods of cloudy, often rainy, weather, while Autumn is generally mild to warm and sunny. Get in[ edit ] Shanghai is one of China’s main travel hubs and getting in from pretty much anywhere is easy. By plane[ edit ] Shanghai has two main airports [42] , with Pudong the main international gateway and Hongqiao serving mostly domestic flights, so be sure to check which one your flight is leaving from.

THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Taipei

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One of the top attractions in Taipei is the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and this place is surrounded by a beautiful manicured garden. Here, you’ll also find the National Theater and the National Concert Hall.

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THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Taipei

As a holiday destination, Taipei is synonymous with one thing: Almost everything is delicious in Taipei, but for an absolutely phenomenal food experience, there are some things that you have to include in your food-slaying hitlist. With only 5 days to spend in this food-crazed city, all thanks to Scoot, Tiffany and I had only one goal in mind: To experience the best that Taipei has to offer, bite by bite.

In spite of being the newest of the city’s districts, the presence of Taipei at its centre makes Xinyi one of the most popular places to go. It is home to the liveliest of the nightlife and the finest of the shopping malls, as well as excellent restaurants and popular attractions.

Most underrated party scene in East Asia Last Call: Big clubs close at 4: ID control is very strict in some cases you will be required to show your passport Taipei is a hidden nightlife gem in East Asia, I had no idea prior to visiting Taipei of its excellent bars and massive nightclubs. I recommend you start your evening with a few drinks, a game of jenga at ONTAP , a laid back pub where you can meet many expats and English speaking Taiwanese locals.

Pong Another great club at ATT4Fun with a solid dance floor, great cocktails and digital beer pong as well. Babe18 Babe18 is a great nightclub that often hosts all-you-can-drink parties where you can drink all night for free as long as you hold onto your cup. Landmark Taproom A hidden outdoor craft beer bar near ATT4Fun, try their fruit infused beer and chat up with the locals. Haidilao End you night at Haidilao, an highend Chinese hot pot experience which is open until 4am, make sure you order the noodle dance.

Partyworld For karaoke lovers, hit up partyworld to match off your singing skills in large private karaoke rooms, make sure to order the stinky tofu. Another great lounge is Nights where you can enjoy odd flavoured shishas and laid back atmosphere. I ordered the bizarre Banana-Gum flavour which was highly enjoyable. Make sure to check their events listings on their Facebook page.

OMNI has a young sexy crowd, bottle service, although the entrance can be expensive, this place is worth every penny. As you can tell from my photos, I visited Taipei during the halloween weekend.

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Lezmeeting This is a once-a-month lesbian dance party that takes place in one of the popular clubs around Taiwan. What more could you ask for? Seriously, everyone should go to this. Taipei has the biggest Pride Parade in Asia. There were singing acts and a giant party afterward. The two major groups are:

Get a Taipei Observatory ticket, and explore one of the top things to do in Taipei! Book now to enjoy Taipei Observatory discount and get your ticket instantly at Klook! had the place to myself with less than 20 other people.

Her penchant for finding and sharing the best spots in the world through travel is evident in her professional life, where she works as an Editor for Spottly , and in her personal life through her blog, The Thousandth Girl and her newly launched digital magazine, Alleys , focusing on cafes, creativity and design in Asia.

At the time, Stephanie was living in New York City for school and, when she visited her parents during winter break, she fell in love with her roots. Within a week, she made the move across the globe herself and has been a traveling nomad since. She lives for travel. Her massive guide to the best Taipei has to offer is expansive, diverse and brimming with options. Eat well, and often. Taiwanese culture is notoriously food-obsessed: Hang out in cafes with your friends.

I went to almost every single place in the guide, and it is the main resource that helped me to discover the city. In the labyrinthine alleys of cultural districts such as the East District and Zhongshan, explore on-foot.

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Shark Island Add to Trip! It also goes by the name Serangan Shark Island Project. The private endeavour was set out by Paul Friese, a Honolulu surfer who decided to embark on a mission to save black-tip and white-tip reef sharks, and creating a cool, one-of-a-kind tour alternative for visitors. The pontoons currently house over a dozen pups, and several releases have been carried out in the open seas and the Gili islands of neighbouring Lombok. The sharks are well-fed and quite placid, and swimming with these species is quite safe and suited for all ages.

The tour includes a visit to the turtle hatchery above.

Y: Probably one of the best Indian restaurants in Taipei. Cosy atmosphere and great service. Cosy atmosphere and great service. The curries are amazing and you can’t go wrong with any order.

Either way, nowadays, it holds the highest award as the tallest and largest green building in the world according to LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Towering at stories, the base of the building houses several shops and restaurants such as the famous Din Tai Fung chain but what most visitors aim to do is to access the observatory. To list out the highlights of the building: Offers unobstructed views of Taipei. It also has a museum where you can learn about the construction of Taipei The highlight of this floor is their 5.

Apparently, this amazing technology helps keep the building from swaying and helps keep it stand upright. Meanwhile, Treasure Sky is a place where you can find jewel crafts. This is accessible via the stairs from the 89th floor, but since the winds can get quite strong, this floor is only open on days when the weather is favorable. Anyhow, inside, you will find a small theatre that features films about the annual New Years fireworks display set off from Taipei The whole steep hike takes about 15 to 20 minutes only one-way.

For the best times to hike, it will be during the late afternoon so that you can catch the daylight, sunset and nighttime views of Taipei. With such a number, it helps to note though that the exhibits continuously rotate because only a small number can be displayed at a time in order to properly preserve them.

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Taipei probably is the first city that comes to mind when you think of Taiwan. Both cities are dense, fascinating representations of a country that is hard to define. Taiwan takes a little from each and expresses it in a culture all its own. Here are these two important Taiwanese cities explored.

Quickly looking at the prices of some places back home in SoCal it appears to be quite cheap here in comparison. Games back home look to run about 15 minutes or so for $8 USD. And of course they have like the $20+ option of all day.

Sorry, something has gone wrong. In Tamshuei, a nice place to visit is the “Red-Hair’s castle” and to sit outside at the top of the castle in the teahouse there and sip drinks and watch the sun set and to watch the boats with all their flashy lights driving around the harbour. The drinks are a little expensive, but drinks are under NT each and the food is good, most meals are under NT each I really liked it here, the historical feeling mixed with the view and the ocean and the river and the sun, it’s nice, but you need to be able to talk with each other for a long time.

If you aren’t talkers but are more action oriented, you might want to dodge this one. The zoo is clean, well maintained at least it was a few years ago when I went, hopefully it is still OK.

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