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You think of boots with spurs and an upright piano mechanically repeating the same song. Musical Box Society International says that mechanical music was widespread between and Museums buy antique music boxes to add value to their collections. Individual antique collectors buy, sell and restore these pieces as an income generator, as an investment strategy and nostalgia. But how do you know when a music box is valuable? Appraisers All antiquities collectors specialize in specific collectibles. Music box appraisers are knowledgeable about the history that made music boxes popular in through the s, the original manufacturers and the evolution of music boxes. For determining authenticity, Musical Box Society International says “appraisal requires a hands-on examination. By the time a valuation book is printed and published, there could have been significant increases or decreases in demand for a particular box.

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Tibetan Antique Wooden Furniture In ancient Tibet, widespread use of wooden furniture was less famous as it was restricted openly in monasteries so Tibetan peoples commonly. The next is less density of Tibetans and after China invaded Tibet number of artists run away either Nepal or in India. Tibet had number of people belonging art work. To paint artwork even in wooden was highly recommended like as in Thangka Paintings.

After the China invaded Tibet Nepal become even more popular in art and culture. The very important note is that the Tibet border is close to Kathmandu valley as well.

i have an antique dresser that has wooden wheels, a mirror on a swivel, three drawers, in original condition. i believe it is early ‘s, maybe earlier. how do i find out what it may be worth? I have an antique vanity with wooden wheels was seeing if someone can help I have an antique dresser with a swivel mirror i have had it.

Evil Knievel Memorabilia Early music boxes came in a variety of sizes, however most were able to fit on a tabletop. Most were built by artisan watchmakers, with a large number being produced in Switzerland. The first music box factory was opened there and by the end of the 19th century, European music box makers started to open factories in the United States. Sankyo used the latest automation technology to mass produce affordable music boxes.

Sankyo has grown to become the biggest manufacturer of music boxes in the world and supplies music box hardware to other manufacturers and distributors. Sankyo now sells licenses for its music box tunes to cellular phone companies for use as ring tones. Many of the vintage Japanese music boxes you will find today are made by Sankyo.

You will find a wide variety of vintage Sankyo music boxes online. The most common type is a rectangular wood black lacquered music box. However, you can also find Sankyo music boxes that look like little figurines such as frogs, Santas, Christmas angles, Raggedy Ann, clowns, praying children and much, much more. Other Made in Japan Music Boxes A wonderful style of vintage music box that was made in Japan are the miniature piano music boxes.

These quaint little wooden music boxes looked just like a grand piano. You can view two lovely examples of these vintage music boxes at Ruby Lane.


It is in the mouse flock finish. This is a tough lure to find. It is marked ‘2nd’ on the side as seen in the pictures. The box has some damage on the top as seen in the pictures. This large size crazy crawler is very hard to find, especially in this condition. The box shown is not part of this sale.

Determining the age of antiques is half the fun! Learn 10 specific steps to establishing an accurate age for your antique furniture. A single piece of antique furniture is more than a collection of nails, boards, and wood .

Chinese Export Lacquer This period is often referred to as the Regency period. George the fourth came of age in became Regent in , King in and died in The whole of the early nineteenth century period has a distinctive stylistic flavour often indulged in, encouraged and promoted by the prince later to become the king. By the last decades of the 18th century the philosophical, stylistic and financial certainties of the mid eighteenth century were already undermined by exposure to different cultures.

Improved transport and trade changed both cultural perceptions and social structures. The neo classical designs of the last two decades of the century were only the beginning of a natural progression to even stronger departures from the old English forms.


Contact Author First there were candles. Then came the need to store them Shortly after the invention of candles, there was a need to store the surplus. These storage boxes came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many boxes were open on the top and very simple. Other boxes were a bit more elaborate and had fitted lids. With hardware and hinges being very difficult to acquire, sliding lids were often made.

Shotgun Shell Boxes 5. SHOTGUN SHELL BOXES. These best and only reproduction shotgun shell boxes available. DIE-CUTS. All die-cuts are mounted using 3M adhesive to heavy stock paper board. AIR RIFLE ADVERTISING. Postcards, Envelopes, Hang Tags ETC. ENVELOPES.

Advice on equipping a kitchen in the 19th century Catherine Beecher had firm ideas about what was needed for a well-run household. Her list for the s kitchen in the USA included: In a prosperous American household in a “prudent and generous mistress” would supply her cook “with ample provision of all such things as her important department requires All these articles are indispensable, and there are a great many other useful implements which modern ingenuity has brought into use, and which it would be well to introduce into a fully-arranged kitchen.

Mary Ann Bryan Mason A book aimed at an English couple setting up home in a small cottage in the first half of the 19th century advised: A good copper tea-kettle is the most durable this is an article I don’t know how to persuade you to do without, though some writers cry out bitterly against it. The round shape will be two or three shillings cheaper than the oval, and bears mending better. It is not quite so fashionable, but that you have too much good sense to mind.

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His lures, and his company, were part of the founding movement in this country toward baitcasting with artificial lures. The Shakespeare Revolution Bait, emerging in , and the Rhodes wooden minnow line are among the most collectible of the early baits. Lures and tackle under the Shakespeare name were made well into the s, and the trademark is still in use today.

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I have gathered information on Trunks over the last few years and this information is free and for research use only. Trunks date back to pre-medieval times. They were made in many shapes and sizes and from various materials. They were made of various woods and covered with hides such as deer, horse or cowhide.

In the s the hide covered trunks continued and became a little more ornamented with handmade brass tacks, forged iron locks and handles and leather trim. In the late s and early s round trunks became popular. Looking at them from the end they appear round, with a small flat base. They were covered in leather and hide and usually ornamented with brass tacks. They were lined with a printed paper or often old newspapers.

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Our trunks are carefully restored and refinished with only high quality materials and finishes. All handles are replaced with original style, heavy, dyed leather handles most are multi-layered stitched. All brass is carefully cleaned and coated with clear lacquer to prevent tarnish.

Complete box with proper headstamp. The label is for the most part intact. This box has on the label and on the side that is was made for Winchester rifles.

Dough tables and troughs used for mixing and raising bread dough sometimes retained a bit of starter dough to mix with the next batch and assure it would rise. Antique dough tables — also known as petrins — make interesting additions to present-day kitchens, family rooms or eclectic living rooms. Buyers can recognize specific characteristics of these functional tables.

Look for a table with a lid that lifts or slides to reveal a trough or bin beneath it. Check the dough trough for an unfinished, painted or tin interior and look for a tapered, rectangular or curved shape along the bottom of the exterior of the trough. Some dough tables resemble small dressers. Examine the wood for signs of wear and check the top of the dough table for evidence of use in kneading dough and forming loaves of bread.

Check the construction details such as pegged joinery or old screws. Antique screws have specific thread characteristics based on age. Become familiar with the variations from rustic to more refined styles of dough tables or petrins. Some tables started out as dough boxes and had legs added later, while others boast drawers, turned legs and decorative skirting details. Tip Bakers sometimes mixed the dough by hand in the trough, which also provided a warm, draft-free place for the dough to rise.

The French “huche,” pronounced “oosh,” also means a petrin or dough bin.

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Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws: Needs a light cleaning, good etch. Three steel plumb bobs inc. Pair plumb bobs inc.

Our vintage style Amish woven wood bread boxes give you the perfect place to store bread and other baked goodies while keeping your kitchen countertop neat and tidy. These antique wood breadboxes are a beautiful and functional addition to your primitive, farmhouse, rustic, or country kitchen decor.

Classified Ads Felchlin, Charles: Berne – Switzerland around A good and very attractive 6 keyed bone mounted ebony flute stamped on all 5 joints: Dense black ebony mounted with 5 bone rings and headcap, tuneable metal lined head joint with crack 8. Torino – Italy around An interesting 6 keyed horn mounted Italian boxwood flute in remarkable good original condition, bearing the maker’s stamp on every joint: Very good playing condition, 3 original bone rings, solid silver key, original brass cover at the end of the recorder, the bottom part is slightly bent, total length London – England around A rare original one keyed ring mounted boxwood flute bearing the maker’s stamp on every joint:

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Players ante into a pot and take turns spinning the top. If it landed P1, P2 or P3, he would lose put 1, 2 or 3 of his chips, respectively, into the pot. By far, the most common rule is for all the players to add one chip to the pot if “O”, “All Put,” etc. Source of pictures of spinners for this page. Also included are many put and takes that I do not own, pictures taken from eBay listings.

This unfinished wood large tool box kit features a durable, easy-to-carry design for storing and carrying your tools. Featuring a round handle for a comfortable grip. The main compartment holds hand tools, fasteners, and other small items/5(32).

American Furniture Many vintage furniture buyers opt for quality reproductions that are more affordable, and either option is fine providing that you research your subject well when identifying antique furniture. There is no exact science where antique furniture is concerned; you simply make an educated decision based on what is most important to you. Researching and Identifying Antique Furniture Becoming knowledgeable about antique furniture takes research, even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this wide-ranging subject.

Many collectors prefer particular eras, styles, and makers, while others have more eclectic tastes. Get an expert opinion: A trained eye is more likely to find an undervalued treasure or a clever fake than a novice ever would. Use the press and stay informed about current trends and potential scams in the antique trade by consulting popular and highly regarded antique trade publications. Consider practical matters Carefully: Always check the size and weight of any piece of antique furniture that interests you.

Shipping furniture can be a costly proposition. To reduce these costs, search in local antique dealers and check other sellers who will provide a complete wrap and ship service. There are several ways you can identify an antique furniture item. The first aspect is the joinery; machine-cut furniture was not produced until about

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