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The pugnacious and always outspoken Gary Polland is one of the most trusted conservative voices in Texas. Polland has made himself into a force for tough, thoughtful conservatives. Polland has been a practicing attorney for more than 42 years. His practice is a mix of civil, family and juvenile trial work. He is Board Certified in Civil Trial law and has a reputation as a tough and skilled advocate for his clients. He was featured in Texas Justice, a book about outstanding Texas lawyers and historical courthouses. Polland served as Harris County Republican Chairman from to and was overwhelmingly returned to office every time he ran. As party chairman, he earned national recognition for his leadership. Over the years, Polland’s political alliances have stretched from the White House to the halls of Congress and to the Texas Legislature and governor’s mansion. He is a confidant to state, national and local officials.

Mississippi mom accused of burglary says she was looking for militants

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email These are the chilling last words of UFO expert Max Spiers who was ‘sacrificed by satanists who wanted to rid him of demons’. Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows Max’s last interview, in which his devastated mum Vanessa says he seems “drugged”.

He is heard slurring as he eerily chats to fellow conspiracy theorists in his last-ever interview before being found lifeless on a sofa in Poland. The British dad-of-two, who went to school with film star Orlando Bloom, was said to have been vomiting “black liquid” before he died — just days before he was due to give a talk on conspiracy theories. Getty Authorities have insisted he died from natural causes but have yet to produce the results of a post-mortem exam.

Rare Dovetailed Gunmetal Shoulder Plane by Spiers 10th June A very scarce dovetailed gunmetal shoulder plane by lovely example is in original condition with a little surface rust showing on the steel sole but also retains the majority of its original factory lacquer finish.

It looks like the lever cap may have broken and it was filed back both top and bottom and maybe the back in order to accept a wooden wedge. The sole is mm long and 71mm wide. I have tried to find info on it on the web without success. The names of previous owners have been stamped in the heel of the wooden handle. Can anyone help me identify its type, approx date of manufacture etc etc.

Is it a Mathieson or some other make of plane with a Mathieson blade now fitted? Many thanks Therapy, It’s not like any Mathieson plane I have seen.

David Barron Furniture: Dovetail Marking Knives

FlightRadar24 The gigantic plane – loaded with its cargo, a tonne generator purchased by a WA resources company, left Prague on Wednesday on its way to WA. Up to 50, aviation enthusiasts were expected to pack vantage points at Perth Airport to witness its arrival. The last time a crowd that size flocked to the airport was in the s when the Concorde supersonic airliner landed. Aviation Association of WA president David Eyre said it may be the only time the six engine plane, which once transported a Russian space shuttle on its roof, travels to Australia.

He said he knew of aviation enthusiasts travelling to Perth from across the country just to catch a glimpse of the tonne aircraft.

May 30,  · Anyone who’s ever watched Animal Planet knows the world of Bigfoot hunting (aka “Squatchin’ ”) is a very weird world indeed. All Bigfoot believers are chasing an imaginary monster, and for every one for them who treats the subject with gravitas, you have 10 .

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email An early plane full of passengers bound for London from Newquay was forced to turn around when a crack appeared in the cockpit window.

It is understoood that the 7. The Embraer aircraft was at 12, ft when the pilot decided to turn around and return to Newquay – and all 92 passengers were then put onto a bus bound for the capital. While all passengers disembarked safely, the pilot is believed to have left the cabin door open so passengers could see for themselves why their flight had to come to such an abrupt end.

The Flybe Embraer plane was turned back to Newquay Image: Flybe It is understood that the plane will be grounded for the rest of the day as it undergoes a cockpit window change and further tests. Read More Steve Backshall wades into ‘shark terror’ row after basking sharks are spotted off Cornwall’s coast Flybe confirmed the incident. The safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority and we apologise for the inconvenience experienced.

Last week it was revealed that passengers onboard a Manchester to Newquay flight were subjected to a bumpy landing when their plane suffered some damage during a “spicy touchdown”. Budget airline Flybe said it had opened an investigation after a plane struck the runway while landing at Newquay airport.

Dry Tortugas National Park by Slaydon Spiers on Prezi

The blade depth adjustment is obtained by an ingenious adaptation of the worm and worm-wheel gear system, seen on reduction gearboxes and winches. There is a paddle attached to the section of a worm gear, and a small section of the worm wheel is incorporated into the bottom of the frog plate, so when the paddle is moved from side to side the frog plate rises and falls.

The frog plate is held in place somewhat loosely by one round head screw at its base, and the mesh of the gears at the top. The lever cap is a two-piece system, the upper one in cast iron and the lower one made in hard steel forming a chip breaker. The two arms on the lever engage with corresponding steps behind the lever plate.

Double Ended Block Plane. Rare Double Ended Block Plane. Victorian dating lozenge which is indecipherable. .

Gerber chooses Lucas Warren as first ‘spokesbaby’ with Down syndrome A conspiracy theorist vomited two litres of black liquid before he died, an inquest has heard. The year-old, from Canterbury, was complaining of illness before he was found dead in Warsaw, Poland on 16 July. He had been due to speak at a conference. The long list of conspiracy theories Donald Trump has pushed in Despite not performing a post mortem, an investigation by the Polish authorities found Mr Spiers died of natural causes — a verdict met with dismay by his family and colleagues in the conspiracy community.

They said the procedure was the responsibility of the Polish authorities. However, an inquest was opened in Canterbury after a British post mortem was unable to establish a cause of death. Global warming a myth? Lizard people controlling the world? Conspiracy theory research reveals bizarre beliefs prevalent in US Obama the antichrist? Republicans say global warming is a hoax by a margin, Democrats disagree , and Independents are more split at

Stanley double end block plane, adjustable

Stanley Full-Size Catalog Reprint. This gouge was made in Sheffield by Ward and Payne, highly respected makers of top quality edge tools throughout the 19th century. This one has a nice boxwood handle with a tight check.

Oct 03,  · BRAIN TIME 1. Wave Power Station ?v=lXtI6 ?v=ww-3a

Flexural slip was accommodated on progressively less favorably oriented reverse faults. Abstract Flexural slip folds are distinctive of mixed continuous-discontinuous deformation in the upper crust, as folding is accommodated by continuous bending of layers and localized, discontinuous slip along layer interfaces. The mechanism of localized, layer-parallel slip and the stress and fluid pressure conditions at which flexural slip occurs are therefore distinctive of shear localization during distributed deformation.

In the Prince Albert Formation mudstone sequence of the Karoo Basin, the foreland basin to the Cape Fold Belt, folds are well developed and associated with incrementally developed bedding-parallel quartz veins with slickenfibers oriented perpendicular to fold hinge lines, locally cross-cutting axial planar cleavage, and showing hanging wall motion toward the fold hinge. The local presence of tensile veins, in mutually cross-cutting relationship with bedding-parallel, slickenfiber-coated veins, indicate local fluid pressures in excess of the least compressive stress.

Slickenfiber vein microstructures include a range of quartz morphologies, dominantly blocky to elongate-blocky, but in places euhedral to subhedral; the veins are commonly laminated, with layers of quartz separated by bedding-parallel slip surfaces characterized by a quartz-phyllosilicate cataclasite. Crack-seal bands imply incremental slickenfiber growth, in increments from tens of micrometers to a few millimeters, in some places, whereas other vein layers lack evidence for incremental growth and likely formed in single slip events.

Single slip events, however, also involved quartz growth into open space, and are inferred to have formed by stick-slip faulting. Overall, therefore, flexural slip in this location involved bedding-parallel faulting, along progressively misoriented weak planes, with a range of slip increments. Previous article in issue.

rhesus negative blood among Europeans : The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map:

After a slow start, passenger jets including a Qantas and four Airbus single-aisle planes from Tigerair Singapore have begun to line up at the first large aircraft graveyard outside the US. Photo gallery Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage facility in Alice Springs The initial stage of the world’s newest “boneyard” at Alice Springs Airport was completed last year but it was not until June this year that it received its first plane — an Embraer turboprop. A number of the latest arrivals, which include a Boeing from Nauru’s Our Airline, have been stripped of some of their livery.

The white kangaroo on the tail of the Qantas which arrived a week ago has been painted over in preparation for life after plying routes across Australia.

Dry Tortugas National Park protects the southwest tip of South Florida’s coral reef tract. This represents the third-largest barrier reef system outside of Australia and Belize. Fort Jefferson is the largest masonry structure in the North America, and is composed of over 16 million bricks.

Catalogue of American nails, wire, barbed wire, staples tacks, poultry netting, etc. United States Steel Corporation Subsidiary. The mid Victorian Elwell catalog of forged tools. A facsimile with an introduction by Richard Filmer. The traditional tools of the carpenter and other craftsmen. Catalogue 2, 3, 4, 5. The Stanley catalog collection: Four decades of rules, levels, try-squares, planes, and other Stanley tools and hardware.

Astragal Press, Mendham, NJ.

History of Antique Wood Planes

It’s seems odd, but Guy Spier has his reasons. Who Is Guy Spier? If the name Guy Spier seems familiar, it may be because of his growing reputation among the value investing community. His book, ” The Education of a Value Investor ,” has also made the rounds and is becoming a very popular book. It’s currently rated a 4. In , his gains totalled

The somewhat allegorical tragedy about what happens when a small-town New Jersey scion tries to redeem his father’s reputation in a decade—and may set his family back generations as a result.

Martin said that she based the character of Mary Anne on herself and based Kristy on her best friend growing up. Mary Anne was born on September 22nd in Stoneybrook , Connecticut around She is thirteen years old and is in the eighth grade at Stoneybrook Middle School. The last book in the original series, Book The Fire at Mary Anne’s House , focuses around Mary Anne losing her home in a fire as the name suggests. This is quite fitting seeing as out of the four original members, Mary Anne was the last one to narrate her own book.

She doesn’t remember her at all and only has her mother’s old things and some pictures. Mary Anne started becoming more interested in her mother’s past when she was in sixth grade and found a box of her mother’s things including four well loved dolls in her attic one day when she was home sick from school. She loves her father, Richard Spier , but he is very strict. He picked out her clothes for her typically penny-loafers, jumpers, dresses, never pants or jeans; although in The Summer Before , Mary Anne wore patterned capris and pedal pushers ; she was not allowed to wear her hair down she had to wear it in pigtails or braids every day ; she couldn’t talk on the telephone at night unless it was about homework ; and she had to be home early 9: Mary Anne’s father used to buy all of her clothes, but he had to approve of her outfits.

He bought her corduroy skirts, plain sweaters, and blouses.

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