Four forgotten places of old Singapore

I looked through some archives and realized he has been talking about this for the past few years since National Day Rally to be exact. The whole narrative since then has been like: However, few people are really convinced that Singapore is going to shift away from school prestige and grades. Even educators are skeptical. Only until they actually do so are parents going to buy it. SGAG There are some pretty idealistic people who think both neighbourhood and elite schools in Singapore are the same. It is really about parenting.

Jurong Heritage Trail

Burpple Guides Burpple Guides , Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide to Best Hawkers in Chinatown From utterly satisfying curry chicken cutlet noodles made for cheat day breakfasts to the tenderest of soy sauce chicken and a ma la xiang guo stall that delivers flavours sans queues, this guide is packed with a treasure trove of foodie finds.

Dress down, and go hungry! When it comes to meats, we can’t think of a tastier way to enjoy them than grilled, smoky and sporting an appetising char, which led us to this week’s guide on the best grills and barbies in Singapore. Quite naturally, there are one too many spots for Korean barbecue and Thai mookata it’s a very tough fight!

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The third one however, took a bit of searching, and frankly it was only when I trudged through the obscure hawker centres and kopitiams that I realised that. Like this bowl of minced meat noodles, which had a queue even in between the breakfast and lunch hours. Springy noodles, with a splash of vinegar and plenty of pork lard make this dish tasty. The chilli was the star for me though; it was not only savoury but fragrant, and went very well with the noodles.

Of course, the main character of this dish would be the gravy. Thick and smooth, the gravy coated the noodles well and had a pleasant, garlicky taste. The vinegar gave it a nice sourness to it. The great thing is that you get to adjust the dish to your own taste by scooping less or more of the garlic, vinegar or chilli provided at the counter. Feng Zhen Lor Mee:

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Relatively new to the West is Jem, which has it’s own play area for kids. Within easy reach of Jurong East MRT station and located at the top floor, Level 5, of .

Share From a hidden hot spring to a HDB deity and a completely demolished theme park, these four attractions were once hugely popular with Singaporeans but have been forgotten over the years. Do you remember the Tang Dynasty Village, with its majestic Chinese facades and hundreds of terracotta soldiers? Or the Monkey Tree God, which drew thousands of Singaporeans to a quiet estate in Jurong West in search of divine intervention?

Take a short trip down memory lane with us as we go in search of four forgotten places in Singapore and discover if they are gone for good. Tucked away in a wooded area about m off the beaten track, you’ll smell it before you see it go down to find out why! Caretaker Mr Gao T K, 67, who has been cleaning the spring for the past two years, says that while visitor numbers are few, there have been regulars who come early in the morning and for daily showers who keep him company on his otherwise mundane job.

Discovered in by Chinese merchant Seah Eng Keong on his pineapple estate in Sembawang, the Hot Spring actually started out as three separate springs which he eventually combined into one area for convenience and for the public to enjoy. It reached the peak of its popularity in , when local Singaporeans flocked to collect buckets of water for bathing, touting its health benefits from the high amount of sulphur.

Today, the land it sits on is designated as a military air base and it has survived despite several attempts to redevelop the area. Yahoo Singapore understands that the land is now considered part of a military base but is open to the public from 7 am- 7 pm daily.

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Bedok / b ə ˈ d ɒ k / (Chinese: 勿洛, Tamil: பிடோக்) is a planning area and matured residential town located in the East Region of tion wise, Bedok is the largest planning area in the Republic, being home to an estimated , residents. This high demographic is largely explained by the affordable public housing in Bedok New Town, due to its relatively.

The name means “Suppressing” or “Guarding the River ” and refers to the imperial army garrisons placed in the city to protect Nanjing and the Grand Canal. Other romanizations include Chin-keang-foo, [1] Chen-kiang-fu, [2] and Chinkiang. In , it was made a commandery seat. Its importance grew with the construction of the Grand Canal , after which it served as the chief collection and transit center for the grain tax paid by the farmers of the Yangtze delta.

The city flourished from the 10th to 13th centuries, when it produced fine silks, satins, and silverware for the Song emperors. The 11th-century scientist and statesman Shen Kuo composed his Dream Pool Essays during his retirement in a garden estate on the outskirts of the city.

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He was released at the end of the day and fled when Palestinian police came to his house to detain him for more questioning.

16 places in Singapore to bring your date to earn a kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas. Here are other awesome places to be on Christmas eve other than the crush of Orchard Road.

Chinese Mandarin dialect , Malay, English, and Tamil. In , under a government mandate, English was made the primary language of the school system. Malays and persons with origins in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi portions of the Indian subcontinent are almost exclusively Muslim. There are also small Sikh, Jewish, Zoroastrian, and Jain communities. There is complete separation of state and religion in Singapore and freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed. However, all religious groups must be registered under the Societies Act, and the government has maintained a ban on the registration of Jehovah ‘s Witnesses and the Unification Church.

The government also has a semiofficial relationship with the Islamic Religious Council. One holiday from each of the nation’s major religions Islam, Christianity , Hinduism , and Buddhism is recognized as a national holiday. As long ago as —only three years after the establishment of a British colonial presence on the island—1, ships called at the new port of Singapore from nearby islands, Europe , India , and China. With a natural deepwater harbor that is open year-round, Singapore now ranks as the largest container port in the world, with anchorage facilities that can accommodate supertankers.

Ships of some shipping lines, flying the flags of nearly all the maritime nations of the world regularly call at Singapore. Commercial air service was inaugurated in Singapore in In , there were 10 airports, 9 of which had paved runways as of The two principal air facilities are Changi International and Seletar Airport.

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Kid-friendly Fun Times Children are incredible balls of energy, and parents are always looking for ways to entertain them. You may also have found yourself on babysitting duty for nieces or nephews, and finding ways to entertain kids while keeping sane can be a challenge. Here are 10 incredibly fun places you can bring kids that will make them love you so, so much. Aside from their main Grand Course, which is great for both adults and gung-ho kids alike, Forest Adventure has two courses specially laid out for the kids.

Source Their Kids Course involves 16 crossings, ranging from suspended planks to rope bridges.

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