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We are a group of very talented entrepreneurs, software designers, and developers who have spent years helping large enterprises design and build products in Ag, Education, Government, Pharma, and Tech. ParkAware ParkAware sensor utilizes the industries best magnetometer to sense when a vehicle is parked over it. Our platform gives customers instant access to real-time parking availability based on proximity. BeAware BeAware provides obstacle and hazard guidance for the visually impaired. Fresno State and others use BeAware to provide a safe environment for their visually impaired students. Art Explorer Choose your own adventure in your downtown. Explore art, culture, food and fun with an interactive app. Allow users to get real-time information on the hottest art hop or craft brewery scene. Campus Engagement Create a campus experience that drives engagement. Campus Explorer uses iBeacons to provide real-time information to students based on their proximity on campus.

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I was on my own, heading out to Copenhagen to meet someone, and was in danger of missing my flight. The man at check-in shook his head. What on Earth was I going to do?

For one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip makers, Softeq developed a fully functional application aimed to demonstrate the wide range of features of the customer’s innovative platform underlying a puck-like device created for action sports.

Link Childcare is increasingly big business. The app is now the foundation of Woodland’s business Xplor, which provides an online platform so parents can interact with their children in real-time during the day and childcare centres and schools can manage their operations. Big business Xplor is one of a growing number of businesses providing technological solutions to the booming childcare market. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Productivity Commission data shows childcare is big business, with about half of all childcare services provided by for-profit businesses. With strict ratios of carers to children at childcare centres leaving operators without much leeway on labour costs, the introduction of technology is a key way to increase profits. Woodland used the money from Woodland Education to bootstrap Xplor and in sold Woodland Education to focus on the app, which is one of the first to integrate iBeacon technology.

This allows parents to automatically sign their children in and out of a childcare centre or school through bluetooth-enabled smartphones and at school children can be tracked when they head to activities like counselling or music lessons. These thing are pretty viral with parents once a few parents get on board others will.

Arthur Charlaftis “It’s still the same principle, it’s just a lot better than when I was doing it myself,” says Woodland. They want to know if they’ve eaten, if they’ve slept, if they’ve had their nappy changed, what they are doing, we can do that too. The KindyNow app provides an online booking system for childcare centres allowing the centres to fill both ongoing vacancies and last-minute spots available due to sickness or holidays.

Former chief operating officer of the REA group, Arthur Charlaftis, has joined KindyNow founder Sean Collins as a co-owner of the business after seeing an opportunity in the vacancies experienced by the childcare centres his wife ran. KindyNow enables parents to immediately notify a centre if their child is going to be sick or on holidays so the spot can be offered to other children and it allows centres to more easily find children to fill ongoing vacancies.

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App Screenshots App Store Description Panda allows you to discover amazing people who happen to be in the same place as you. Using the cutting-edge iBeacon technology, Panda shows each of you on the on the map of the indoors. This means that you can check the profile of that person at the bar who just looked at you before deciding whether or not to approach them! This includes their photos, Facebook friends, interests and many more. Then you can begin chatting directly through the app – or even buy them a drink ;.

The new Air ticks off a lot of boxes, but picky Mac fans will be left with a hard choice.

In addition to indoor positioning, Apple’s trademark filings for iBeacon reveal a direct connection to future iWallet financial services. Apple’s Files 4 Trademark Applications for “iBeacon” Apple filed trademark application under International Class which specifically covers “Financial services; bill payment services; debit and credit card services; electronic payment services.

Recent articles relating to Apple’s iBeacon could found here: Below is a PayPal video showing their implementation of beacons in retail environments which will be a similar method for Apple’s iBeacon. Apple also filed for the iBeacon Trademark in China under application covered by International Classes 09, 35 adn And lastly, Apple filed for an iBeacon related patent this past Thursday which we briefly covered here.

Patently Apple presents a basic summary of new trademark filings with their associated graphics for journalistic news purposes as each such trademark is revealed by the U. This category covers a few Industrial Design reports each year while others could be found in our granted patent archives. Readers are cautioned that the full text of any trademark application should be read in its entirety for further details.

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You can test the simulator app at the National Technical Museum as part of their Of Phones and Man exhibition, which is open until the end of April The idea for people to be able to try the app and get acquainted with its widgets in the museum came from the ad agency, Havas Prague. The app simply connects a Smart Car with a smart phone.

With more new functions coming, like fuel consumption information and accident warnings, etc. More info on www. Lyceum means ‘college’ in Czech and the saying jokes about how pretty a woman can look, until you see her face.

Best Raspberry Pi Projects for March The tastiest Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi Zero projects to try baking today. From beginner builds to more advanced Pi uses, all the ideas you need are right here.

Family security apps WiFi Another location-based tracking technology To use WiFi as a tool to determine the location, it is necessary to know where a particular WiFi network is disposed. The process is quite simple: Thus, you can determine a particular WiFi network location data. When another user appears in its range of action, you will be aware of his or her whereabouts even if the GPS is turned off.

You might come up with the conclusion that such approach runs contrary to safety. Exactly for this reason, the big names of a mobile market came across the problems when they were submitted to the court by unhappy users who did not like that their location was being tracked.

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Branding slogan of Apple believes in user experiences with hardware and OS both. Therefore, it has created closed ecosystem to maintain high standards of quality and UX. The marketing strategies of Apple has won a vast and affluent audience across the globe.

Nov 05,  · Here’s an extract from our Apple TV Review: “The new Apple TV is the best digital media player I’ve ever tried. That being said, it’s hindered by a lack of quality apps and games, and some frustrating search capabilities.

The effort spanned multiple departments and was led by Dan Cath, a strategic partner manager, and the Google Maps team. Had it launched, Google Here would have been available to more than million Android users by early , with plans to support iOS later in the year. But people familiar with the project say it was shut down for two reasons: A Google spokesman declined to comment. Google Here would know when to send the notification via Google Maps and beacons placed in the stores of participating partners.

Google planned to supply the beacons to partners for the launch, according to the document. The experience could also be found by going to the Google Maps app. Some examples of how Google Here might have worked: If you walked into a Walgreens, your loyalty card could automatically appear on the lock screen of your phone. If you walked onto a train platform, a notification could tell you when your train is due to arrive. If you parked your car, you could tap to pay the specific parking meter.

If you walked into Starbucks, your phone might buzz to offer a discount if you download the Starbucks app. The idea was to allow businesses to communicate with people based on their location, even if those people had not downloaded a specific app for that location.

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With the help of proficient teams and their vivid experience we develop advanced geo-location mobile applications for tracking and navigation System, Weather Alert system, etc. At Octal Info Solution we aim to deliver pioneering built in-cross AR solutions across the dynamic circles, including learning, interior designing and automation industry. We ensure proximity, proficiency and efficiency in the current scenario of app developments with the out-of -box solutions. We tend to kindle and buzz around your surroundings by developing and real — entertainment centric apps in the spaces of live broadcasting videos and concerts for our users who are looking for best and dream beyond.

We as a leading technology solution provider offers the time-tested and feature rich IOT mobile application throughout the spheres of smart homes, asset tracking, energy management. We forecast actively for connecting future, with minimal complexities and higher transparencies.

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Updated for Evothings Studio 2. Apple created a lot of interest in the IoT scene with the introduction of iBeacon. However, Apple placed restrictions such that generic BLE devices could not be used as beacons. In this tutorial we will show you how to have a fun time making a mobile app and create a custom beacon implementation — based on the Arduino micro controller using standard BLE hardware. In this tutorial, we will create a mobile app for Android and iOS, that uses an Arduino compatible board with a BLE shield to create a beacon.

The reason we are using the Arduino for the beacons is that it can be easily programmed and that it is a cool tinker-friendly piece of technology that you can evolve far beyond the limits of iBeacon. The example app — Beacons for relaxation The mobile application we have built for this tutorial is meant for use in a location where we want to give people time to relax and experience calm, for example a museum, an airport, a hospital or a public place such as a park.

When approaching a beacon, the app will display a page that suggests a method for relaxation. The beacon itself the Arduino board could be used as is, or be placed inside an object or display case that signifies the existence of the beacon, or be visually hidden. BLE devices have a range of up to 30 meters depending on the surroundings. You can be as many beacons as you like for your application, however we will use three of them to display the various relaxation states in the app.

Screenshots from the app: The device repeatedly sends out an advertised name that you can set in your Arduino code.

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This is one of the most entertaining new next-generation titles coming, with beautiful graphics and enthralling gameplay mechanics that inevitably lead to a lot of shouting among the nerve-racked players. Aside from the launch date, 2K Games is also announcing four new hunters that you can play in the game. They include Hyde, an assault class soldier with a flamethrower and a mini-gun; Maggie, a trapper who has a monster pet of her own named Daisy; Bucket, a mech-like machine who serves as a high-tech support soldier; and Lazarus, a medic who can actually bring characters back from the dead.

In the cooperative multiplayer-only title, you can either play as one of four hunters or as a monster. They did a lot of work with Valve, creating Counter-Strike: Source, and Left 4 Dead. The latter game was about four human players who teamed up together to fend off hordes of fast-running zombies. Robb said that game taught the developers a lot about cooperative multiplayer, including boss battles.

See our interview with Robb and Ashton about the story here and their views on co-op games here. In this case, the monster is a badass known as Goliath. It wanders through a living, open world full of lush jungles and ambient animal life.

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