Concertina FAQ: Appendix 1: Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture

They have mostly been found in concertina cases with few hints to date them. The approximate dates ascribed to the price lists here are based on internal evidence, as follows: Wheatstone moved from Conduit Street to West Street in , where they remained until after the war. Parts of the operation were moved to other locations around and , but the West Street flagship remained until around The basic postcode areas e. Dates and Events Mentioned:

Dating Vintage Concertinas

In it was a Wheatsone 40 button accordian in absolutely pristine condition apart from slight damage to a hand strap and one name plate missing. The leather and wood are almost unmarked and the papers between the bellows have slight wear. It is alo in tune even though it has not been played for many years. The end plates are in good condition, no rusting, the buttons appear to be ivory. I counted 30 buttons, 15 each side plus a vent and drone?

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Wheatstone concertina dating of 53 results Dating wheatstone concertincas made in and after Buttons, and gilt-embossed green leather bellows. Ec, and by they. He went on to develop the bellows-blown free reed instrument and his english system concertina became a very popular instrument. Additional site navigation There apparently was a large imperial trading company. Manufacturer, at 18, new gloucester st.

It was owned by. Probably c milsom and sons, a company of musical instrument and sheet music sellers in bath. Sales receipt that charles jeffries jnr wrote on 11 february is shown in fig. Vickers price list c. Get our weekly round-up of previews, videos, articles, interviews, and more in your inbox! Note that, for serial numbers of about.

In , he returned to england, then went to the war in france. Doug creighton, and steve dickinson.

Stephen Chambers

Anonymous folk three-stringed double bass from East Europe Romania? The belly is made of fir, ribs and back are made of plywood, prop planking on the boards, neck made of beech wood, ebonised fingerboard. The machinery is made of brass, iron or wood.

David Aumann ([email protected]) is interested in dating Lachenal anglos and brought the following information to my comments about the decline of the concertina industry are also very interesting. If you have any other dates or info to offer, please let him know!

Saturday 7th July Lot The collection was formed by Geoffrey Blunn who collected the autographs while on tour of the MGM studios in August , he was a trainee RAF pilot who was stationed close to the studios in Hollywood. After his death all artifacts passed to his house keeper and nurse companion Mrs Elizabeth Dick. Fieldings also hold the sale catalogue, the mirror lot was purchased for Lot The gilt framed oil painted composition on canvas with moulded stylised characters of the band members, with a titled paper banner to the front.

The reverse bearing a number of paper labels listing the track titles and credits, including a credit to David Bowie for alto sax on the track ‘To know him is to love him’, ‘Recorded at Morgan Studios, London’ for ‘Chrysalis’ records. Measuring 38cm square and contained within a sealed perspex case. Victor Lutze was commander of the SA.

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Journet, 43, Tottenham Court Rd. Housed for a number of years at the former Concertina Museum, Belper, Derbyshire, they are now part of the Wayne Archive at the Horniman Museum, London, where they are in the process of being digitised by Robert Gaskins; when that work is completed, they will be made available for research both on the web and on a CD-ROM which will be available from the Museum.

The surviving twentieth-century ledgers, from on part of the Dickinson Archive , are already available in both formats; see http: Note added June The Red Books, with the numbers given to them by Neil Wayne and retained by the Horniman Museum , consist of the following:

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Then I was was able to solve this identification problem with the help of photographs that I found on Paul Hardy’s George Case Concertina website. The giveaway was the pattern of the tracery on the end plate, it is very similar to mine. I haven’t quite worked out the full origin. I know it’s number is , c. The leather went green with mould, the wood warped, the screws stripped their thread, and the veneer flaked off etc. So it lay untouched until April when I restored it.

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Lachenal Concertina Production and Serial numbers C. Flint ‘a Review of Joseph Scates Manufacturer and Professor of the concertina’ George Jones ‘Recollections of the English Concertina from ‘ Neil Wayne ‘Wheatstones.

Tell us about it. This paper reconstructs its history by using period accounts from newspapers, books and family histories to document the social gatherings where it was played, and the vendors who sold it. The Anglo-German concertina was enormously popular all across Ireland during its heyday, amongst people of nearly all social and economic groups. Its later concentration in Clare was not a result of how it arrived, but of local cultural and economic factors that aided its barest survival there while it was completely dropped—and all but forgotten—elsewhere in the country.

Posted 15 November The Victorian Concertina: These decisions become especially critical for those who would perform the music in a manner that may at least approximate the way it may have sounded in the nineteenth century. Briefly, there are three basic decisions to be made. The first two concern the choice of instrument: The third decision, on the other hand, has to do with a fundamental question of playing technique: After the revival of interest in traditional music and in concertinas from the s the Anglo has once again had some popularity in the United States, but without connection to any tradition of its earlier widespread use in America.

This paper attempts to reconstruct a basic history of the Anglo concertina in the U. Topics discussed include the early use of German concertinas in the Eastern U. Some previously unpublished photographs are included. Posted 15 April Ladies in the Wheatstone Ledgers:

The men depicted are: Seidal; Loius Balhausen; J. McKenzie; William irwin; M. J Photograph showing numerous portraits of men who were considered Pioneers of Ballarat as complied by R. Walker and produced by Chuck Vice Regal Photo. Wreford; Ernest Balhausen; J.

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Anglo Concertina Buyer’s Guide Lachenal In a competitive concertina-manufacturing and selling environment, the Lachenal company produced a range of very fine instruments, including many “student” models. Anglo Lachenals are, as far as I know, all considered “student” grade. They’re good instruments with “real” steel or brass concertina reeds and construction, but the action and sound won’t be as nice or as consistent as some other makes mentioned below.

These instruments were all made in the UK, so “vintage English” usually refers to a Lachenal, Wheatstone, Jeffries or Crabb, and implies superior compared to the Italian Stagis quality of construction, sound, and playability action. If you can afford it, one of these vintage concertinas will be a fine instrument on which to learn, and frankly, you might never need to purchase another instrument as long as you live. They had a metal-ended model available for a little more, but since I was already a bit over my budget, I got the wooden-end model.

Some people say the wooden-ended models have a mellower sound and so are better for accompaniment if you plan on singing at the same time, but I think this is a very general rule, and probably varies a lot from instrument to instrument.

During these 37 years Wheatstone manufactured about 2, Englishes and Duets, with serial numbers from about through , and some 9, Anglos, with serial numbers from through The original version of this article appeared on the net at concertina. Posted 23 June Dates of Concertinas by Henry Minting One sheet of blurred manual typing with dim hand-written additions, and another sheet in two copies possibly re-typed later from the first on an electric typewriter, with “Dates of Concertinas” relating Wheatstone serial numbers to dates of manufacture.

Unpublished manuscripts, Horniman Museum Library. Neither sheet has yet been catalogued at the Horniman, but these appear to constitute item number C in Neil Wayne’s finding list to his archives, which is described as “C A copy of a complete dating list for Wheatstone Concertinas, compiled by Henry Minting.

Individually the most relevant of the Reward-based concertina makers, the Lachenal rectory was born by the Parties engineer Louis Lachenal, after his feelings there as a fuss, then as a popular, at the Wheatstone grandmothers at 20 Most Street.

A decent survey of Lachenal’s family history and his introduction of mass-production techniques into concertina manufacturing is that of Stephen Chambers , now on concertina. After around 18 years of concertina manufacture at the Conduit Street workshops, to , the new design of concertina resulting from Louis Lachenal’s new manufacturing processes were announced in Wheatstone’s promotional leaflet of mid , the sole surviving copy of which is now in the Horniman Museum Wayne Collection.

The 40 or so Lachenal concertinas in the Collection show the development of his key concertinas based on the designs he had produced whilst at Wheatstones, but the Lachenal factory built up a widespread network of dealers throughout Britain and around the world; we show below a selection of links to some of the dealers’ labels appearing on Lachenal instruments in the Collection. We list below short summaries of some of the Lachenal instruments in the Collection, including Item C.

It was owned by Marie Lachenal , Louis’s daughter, who was a noted performer and promoter of the family’s instruments throughout the s and s. An early appearance of reeds stamped in a tiny font-size with the r eed-frame size-number , corresponding to the number specified on the circular pan-labels. The instrument has a spurious ” C Wheatstone’s Patent Concertina ” label, at the very top of which, is added in very small lettering ” equal to “!

Now since the instrument still has the Louis Lachenal address on each of the pan-labels such address details are almost always excised if the instrument is marketed or re-labelled by a dealer one might assume that this spurious label is of Louis Lachenal origin. Original fine rosewood-veneered case. A degree of recent “restoration” has led to the instrument now having a reproduction Louis Lachenal label, new pallets, new valve-flaps to reeds, and a new sub-fret baffle.

The inner action face has the stamp of David J Leese , restorer and repairer, dated Louis Lachenal label, serial number on sub-fret white chamois baffles. It was owned by Marie Lachenal , [ http:

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Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture Wes Williams has written an excellent article on this subject which, if you have access to the Internet, can be read at: If you own a Lachenal concertina you can help! Send Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas see section 9, Shops and Dealers a note or an email giving a brief description of your Lachenal concertina and its number. If you still have the original bill of sale or any other way of dating its purchase with certainty so much the better! If you have a Wheatstone concertina and you can identify the serial number it is normally on one end then this list will tell you the year of manufacture.

Sometimes, if the label has been lost from the baffle in the older instruments, it can also be found stamped inside the bellows frame, in the treble-most slots of the reed pan, and on the reed-pan side of the action-box. Bob Gaskins has done much research in this area, and he summarises his conclusions as follows: During these 37 years Wheatstone manufactured about 2, Englishes and Duets, with serial numbers from about through , and some 9, Anglos, with serial numbers from through

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