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The same piece, on a modern piano Problems playing these files? Modern piano Further information: Innovations in the piano In the period from about to , the Mozart-era piano underwent tremendous changes that led to the modern form of the instrument. This revolution was in response to a preference by composers and pianists for a more powerful, sustained piano sound, and made possible by the ongoing Industrial Revolution with resources such as high-quality piano wire for strings , and precision casting for the production of massive iron frames that could withstand the tremendous tension of the strings. Over time, the tonal range of the piano was also increased from the five octaves of Mozart’s day to the seven octave or more range found on modern pianos. Broadwood square action click for page with legend Early technological progress in the late s owed much to the firm of Broadwood. John Broadwood joined with another Scot, Robert Stodart, and a Dutchman, Americus Backers , to design a piano in the harpsichord case—the origin of the “grand”. They achieved this in about

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Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new posts by email. Atonality and just intonation as a theme in instrument design. More recently interest in atonality and non-manual control has re-surfaced with software synthesis and audio computer languages. Musician-free composition As well as developing new physical interface models another channel of exploration was to use electronic musical instruments to free the composer from problems associated with performers and performance; removing the musician from the process of musical production allowing the composer to create pure unadulterated music concepts.

The FG was Yamaha’s first folk guitar, dating back 50 years to This model has been developed based on the specs from that year, recreating a modern version by applying Yamaha’s latest technological expertise.

Welcome, Witam Trzeciak is a pianist with a strong personality. Nadien behaalde zij haar diploma piano aan het Conservatorium van Warschau bij Prof. Tijdens deze studie ontving zij een beurs van de Chopinstichting. In werd zij geselecteerd door het Poolse Ministerie van Cultuur om zich verder te specialiseren in het Conservatorium van Moskou bij Prof. Een cruciale invloed op haar artistiek profiel heeft de samenwerking en vriendschap met Irina Rumiancewa.

In won zij het Festival van Poolse pianisten in Slupsk. Nadien gingen haar wegen internationaal. In deed zij haar entree in “The South Bank ” in London. In november begon zij haar eerste reeks concerten in de Verenigde Staten. Zij keerde regelmatig terug,niet alleen ook om te concerteren maar ook voor het geven van masterclasses aan verschillende Amerikaanse Universiteiten De complete pianowerken van Szymanowski zijn hierbij nog steeds haar favoriete item.

Zij concerteerde op belangrijke internationale festivals: De voorbije jaren concerteerde Joanna Trzeciak o. In de kamermuziek werkte zij samen met o.

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Most organs in Europe, the Americas, and Australasia can be found in Christian churches. The introduction of church organs is traditionally attributed to Pope Vitalian in the 7th century. Most services also include solo organ repertoire for independent performance rather than by way of accompaniment, often as a prelude at the beginning the service and a postlude at the conclusion of the service.

Bach Mt Vernon Model A rare and unusual medium bore trombone from the Mt Vernon era of Bach trombones. The model 36 was very popular but some players preferred a .

First the bad – The piano doesn’t feel realistic or sound realistic. It actually has a lot of terrible tones. It has lot of hidden menus. A lot of it’s functionality are very hidden and I would not know how to use many of them without a manual or YouTube tutorials. This keyboard is loaded with songs and using the light up key it has the ability to teach you those songs.

I’ve own a light up keyboard in the past that also has lesson mode. The song lesson on this keyboard feel very short. It cuts out huge portions of well known songs like Fur Elise which isn’t great especially when my previous keyboard had many of the same songs and included the whole song. It has light up keys AND allows you to add midi files to play and to use as lesson material.

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German Renner Action Parts The images above can be enlarged by clicking on them The reasons we choose this maker is a track record of proven quality since , and exact geometry reproduction for vintage Steinway and Sons pianos. Renner produces more than 3 different shank and flange configurations, and 3 different wippen configurations. These choices provide the exact fitment needed to make a vintage Steinway perform and feel perfect. The quality of the Renner hardwood Hornbeam used on the parts exceeds the specifications of maple, and the center-pinning is always firm and sluggish-free.

A Lithophone dating from , The Skiddaw Stones are composed of 61 tuned and shaped rocks, made from rare hornfels stone, found in Cumbria, England. Hornfels is said to have a superior tone and longer ring than the more commonly used slate. Two different sets of mallets were used to laboriously.

Kirschner pianos are made in attractive case designs and of durable construction and pleasing tone quality. They are intended for the popular trade, and in that they have won recognition and a wide sale. The factories at Bellevue. Iowa, are extensive and perfectly equipped for speedy and accurate production. The distinguished and time-honored instruments which bear this celebrated name are manufactured by Wm.

Knabe pianos have an artistic record dating back to the year , when the instrument was founded by the late Wm. Knabe, in Baltimore, Md. Knabe had been working in different factories before he established his own instrument, having arrived in this country in His earlier knowledge had been acquired in the famous factories of Germany. Re was a man of great mechanical ability and possessed of ideals which mark the man of genius. These ideals have been sustained and imbedded in the Knabe piano to this day through all of more than eighty two years since the first instrument bearing the name appeared in Baltimore.

In the succession of practical workers in the factories of Wm. These skilled men gained their training in the Knabe factory and it is not long since a census of the Knabe employees proved the interesting fact that more than one third of the men have been employed by Wm.

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Great build and rugged design Against Distortion at maximum volume Love at first sight and listen. The Megaboom the Boom but bigger , the Roll 2 a current Award-winner and Megablast Megaboom with Alexa have all hit the mark since, and the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is by no means the runt of the litter. It has now been succeeded by the third-gen Boom 3, but ‘s Boom 2 is still a great bargain if you’re looking for a fun and affordable portable speaker.

Ultimate Ears claims the speaker goes 25 per cent louder than the original Boom and has an improved wireless range of up to 30 metres. But, like a good movie sequel, the Boom 2 has a lot of the charm of the original, too. Bluetooth with one-touch NFC compatibility takes care of wireless connectivity, although a 3.

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Dates to the s. These were some of the most popular trombones of the day and still hold up to modern professional standard. This is the model that made Bach trombone famous. This instrument is in excellent shape, shows one restoration at some point in its life. Very responsive bell section, gorgeous singing tone. A beautiful piece of playable artwork and history. Trigger modification to modern configuration. Originally owned by Alan Raph. The model 36 was very popular but some players preferred a slightly smaller bore, which is the model It has a 8″ bell with a.

The 34 is one of the most coveted models, not only for its rarity but also for its versatility. Sounds great in an orchestral setting, pop a small piece in it and blow some salsa charts all night.


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Our relationships with the school music programs are central to our mission. Dating back to when our founder, Bruce White, a local band director, started White House of Music, we realized that community involvement started in the schools it was then .

Manufacturer and distributor of: Wurlitzer pianos and Wurlitzer Historic Collection pianos. Box , Dayton, OH Full-service supplier of bags and hardshell cases. The firm also handles Hohner, Gabbanelli, Melodija, and Zupan button boxes and many other brands of accordions. Randy Wright, general manager. Manufacturer of the world-famous Accutronics spring reverb, used in quality amps throughout the world.

Also, maker of Morley wah pedals and footswitches. Richmond, VA Tel: The company offers a complete line of sound-control and noise-reduction products for use in all type of applications, including: Builders of high quality bass heads, cabinets, combos, and accessories. The AIM full-color catalog lists over 10, music gift accessories, with new products being introduced every month.

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These are the words Adam and Charlie Cox, a husband and wife team running Yorkshire Pianos, found themselves saying to many of their customers looking for a new piano. When the Kemble factory closed in Milton Keynes a few years ago, it sounded the death knell for British pianos making. It was the last remaining factory and when the gates closed for the final time skilled workers, some of whom had been involved in the piano industry all their lives, found themselves with nowhere to turn.

Having traded for 15 years in Leeds as Headingley Pianos, the team searched for new premises to not only act as showroom, but also as piano manufacturing base. They looked at shops, industrial units, church-halls… even a church! What an acoustic I thought!

There is no shortage of skilled workers in the piano industry and allied trades in this country. In fact, many components are still made here and exported all over the globe for piano making abroad.

Leading brands, such as Steinway or Bechstein, can, with the correct care and attention, maintain their sound for a century or more, but, generally, an English piano lasts about 80 years; German ones, a bit longer. J Reid ferries them to a warehouse in Tottenham, north London, breaks them up with a sledgehammer and throws them in a skip. In rare cases, if the owner feels particularly attached to an instrument, and he or she has space, they will eschew sensible economics and pay for a restoration.

The upright taken apart by the JCB in Bristol was well past its sell-by date. Today, only about 4, acoustic pianos are sold in Britain each year — around grands and 3, or so uprights — compared with 14, in the late s. Hardly any are made in Britain. We made our first piano — a square piano — in By , the company was hand-making a piano a day in its workshop in Soho.

Every high-profile composer who came to London bought one, from Haydn to Chopin. One was even sent to Beethoven in Vienna, although that was not a happy tale. Sent in to Trieste, in Italy, it was then taken over the Alps in a horse and cart and did not arrive in Austria until the following year, by which time it was, unsurprisingly, damaged and had to be repaired by craftsmen in Vienna.

At its height, in , the company employed people and was making 40 uprights and 12 grands a week. Not just in middle-class homes, but in every family.

Für Elise played by 15 year old on 1969 Yamaha Upright Piano