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Cluster matchmaking event on 20 October in Brussels: Eighty clusters meet to explore cross sectoral opportunities. The event gathered over 80 clusters represented by more than cluster managers, coming from 18 EU countries and from Turkey and Serbia. The event was also a perfect occasion to experiment cross-sectoral dialogues to explore potential synergies and cooperation, with more than 15 sectors represented, amongst which notably the sectors of ICT, Energy, Environment, Health, Biotech, pharma and cosmetics, Materials, Agro food, Space and aerospace, Automotive, transport and logistics, Creative industries,…and with almost half of the meetings being cross-sectoral meetings. Feedback from participants on the event, based on the post event questionnaire, was very positive and will be further analyzed in a report that will follow. Other International Cluster Matchmaking events will be organised in , the participation will be open through a call for expression of interest to be published on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform [1] in the coming months.

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Do you want to answer a few questions and help us to improve this website? How to use the EU-South Korea free trade agreement The EU-South Korea free trade agreement came into force on 1 July and allows preferential origin products from the EU to benefit from reduced or even zero tariffs when applicable, upon entry into South Korea.

However, unlike free trade agreements in force with other countries, it specifies that only the origin declaration on the invoice or on any other commercial document may be used as proof of preferential origin certificate EUR1 is not accepted in EU-Korea exchanges.

RE-Source is the PPA event connecting renewable energy buyers and sellers. An unbeatable opportunity to learn, network & do business with PPA leaders.

I nostri membri rappresentano la creme dei loro settori: I nostri membri Exclusivi. Facciamo conoscenza con i nostri clienti personalmente, cercando di comprendere le loro poliedriche vite e delineandone le aspettative. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Rather by fate I learnt about the world of matchmaking some years ago now. It was a novelty for me after having spent twelve years working in the steel industry, and married since a young age. After ups and downs in life I was thoroughly intrigued and it is so I began an unexpected new chapter in my life.

With a lifelong interest in psychology and human nature, an international network and as a singleton anew I have found that one profession where we truly identify ourselves.

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See more photos What are PPAs? Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements allow corporates to purchase renewable energy directly from an energy generator. As large energy consumers they believe that procuring green power helps them to reduce the cost and risks associated with fossil fuel-based power supply. Thanks to significant reduction in technology and operating costs in recent years, renewable producers can supply power below industrial retail price.

Find out more Why are big corporates investing in renewables?

The NET FUTURES edition in will serve as a wake-up call for policy makers and technologist alike, for civil society and the young whose future we will influence. It will be the place for deep-dive conversations and learnings right at a time when Europe is at the brink of entering the next industrial revolution: The Net.

Best wishes for a successful New Year. The consortium is now composed of 53 private and public partners 11 large companies, 10 small and medium companies, 16 very small companies, 7 investors and valorisation structures, 9 public partners. The companies operate in different fields: Syngulon is member of the organizing committee. BioFIT is the leading partnering event in Europe for Open Innovation, technology transfer and collaborative research in the field of Life Sciences, with the highest attending rate of academia, TTOs and research institutes together with big pharma, emerging and small biotech companies, medtech and diagnostics companies.

Sofinnova Partners is a leading European venture capital fund based in Paris investing in start-up and early stage companies across Europe and North America.

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Towards business partnerships between social economy and traditional enterprises Venue: Together, they can co-create value for both partners and become a real source of jobs and social impact in Europe. Yet, the potential of value creation through collaboration between these two types of enterprises is not fully exploited. Participants will experience how to overcome obstacles to collaborate Traditional enterprises will discover how they can benefit from a collaboration with a social economy enterprise and vice versa.

Social economy enterprises and traditional enterprises will be provided a matchmaking forum. Stakeholders and policy makers will identify new opportunities how to promote collaborations within their country or region.

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Share this article Share Good evening, passengers. This is your Captain, Philip Hammond, speaking. I was going to say Ladies and Gentlemen, but in line with London Underground, British Airways is no longer using gender-specific forms of address in our announcements to ensure that everyone on board feels welcome, regardless of how they identify — male, female, trans, animal, vegetable or miserable.

As we will shortly be departing the European Union, please put your watches back 50 years. Tonight we will be flying by the seat of our pants and our eventual destination is uncertain. We apologise for the delay in boarding. This is due to severe problems in the baggage handling section because all EU nationals formerly employed by British Airways have returned home following the Brexit vote. As we will shortly be departing the European Union, please put your watches back 50 years We are also now forced to rely on exclusively British technology at check-in and, to be honest, our clapped-out old Amstrad computers are not even up to the simple task of printing boarding passes.

If there are any passengers who voted Leave, please identify yourself to our chief stewardess Gina Miller and she will be happy to tip a boiling hot cup of tea in your lap. Gina leads an excellent team of highly motivated cabin crew, including Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan, who can help you with any questions you may have about why Brexit is going to be a total disaster. I would urge you to pay close attention to our safety demonstration, as we will be attempting to seal off all exits before departure.

We are expecting to encounter severe turbulence as we cross the Channel, so please ensure that your seatbelts are fastened tightly around your necks.

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Trivial Muffins We have created this theatre company in order to allow everyone to know the entrancing pleasures of the greatest masterpieces, played in their original environment – that means beautiful and traditional performances with costumes and settings fitting the time in which the plays were written. This dramatic comedy tells a story of blackmail, intrigue and love. You will get to know Sir Robert Chiltern, a brilliant politician in Victorian England, who carries a dark secret from his past.

Reports the results of a study that compared three urban comprehensive senior high schools to better understand the rationale and processes that underlie schools’ .

What stood out was how EARS wanted to really understand what we were looking for to fill these positions. They also sought to really know who we are. These answers go beyond what is written down in a job profile or posted on a company website. Thank you, Jason and team. Frederik van de Bosch, EARS consultants have been very professional in completing a successful search for the Secretary General of our association. The profile of the candidates submitted was very adhering to our requests, although requirements were not easy to combine.

Particularly appreciated was the ability to focus in short time on the key issues of our needs. The willingness to work together and the support provided at all stages of the research were really excellent.

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Greg Liberman Chief Executive Officer Greg Liberman joined PuppySpot as its Chief Executive Officer in and has built a corporate culture founded on the principles of trust, collaboration, transparency and accountability. Under Greg’s leadership, PuppySpot has also changed its focus to become more relationship-driven through key initiatives such as the creation of the first-ever Breeder Advisory Board and development of a customer-centric experience founded on the premise that the company’s relationships with its customers begin, they do not end, when a puppy joins their family.

Outside of work, Greg spends most of his time with his wife, two young children and their puppy, Lucy, a native of Missouri who his eight-year-old daughter found — you guessed it — right here. Hayon joined PuppySpot in January

Matchmaking event on SME integration to Industry October 24th, | Comments Off on Matchmaking event on SME integration to Industry We kindly invite you to take part in the Matchmaking event to establish co-investment projects for Industry that will take place in Bilbao during the same week as Agorada+ in Oviedo.

Launch Event Advanced Starter Seminars The event is open to anyone interested in technological entrepreneurship and… Brokerage event by Innoviris: Smart Mobility Challenge project call – 26 September How to become compliant? It will harmonize data privacy laws in Europe and reshape… Flanders. What seems unimportant today, could in fact be worth millions… Lifetech. This event gathers… Flanders Smart Hub: Join them on… BECI presents: Workshop project management with MS Project – 26 June


Click anywhere in the text box below to select all of the HTML. Paste the clipboard contents into your web page. Did you know it is illegal to name a pig ‘Napoleon’ in France?

Shift2Rail JU Info Day & Matchmaking by ETNA Team | Dec 4, | Events and Training, Calls, News On 12 December , in Brussels, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI) will organize the “Shift2Rail JU Info Day & Matchmaking”.

He is also the co-founder of FEE, the French association of wind energy professionals. Eolus is one of the leading wind power developers in the Nordics and conducts business in the United States and the Baltic countries as well. Representing Axpo, Thomas has been involved in several large wind power projects in close cooperation with developers and investors. Thomas has also been active in offering Axpos services and competence to Swedish industry and electricity retailers.

He has extensive experience in corporate PPAs in Scandinavia as well as in the rest of the world. Thomas Elgaard Jensen, Thomas Elgaard Jensen has worked in the energy industry for more than 16 years in various positions. He is also the coordinator of the RE-Source Platform and the Co-Chairman of the Global Solar Council GSC , the representative body for the entire global solar PV sector at an international level, representing over solar companies around the world.

A deep and broad understanding and a solid national and international network within the value chain for wind power. Working in her own company Wind Sweden, primarily with business development, matchmaking and market introduction into the Scandinavian windmarket. Over the past decade, Tomas has worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Statkraft and GE, with the majority of the time spent originating and structuring energy transactions, including both utility and corporate PPAs for small-scale hydro and wind.

Mark Porter, Manager Business Renewables Center, Rocky Mountain Institute In Mark connected personal passion with professional experience and specialized in the renewable energy sector. Mark joined Business Renewables Center program in March

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